Sake Diary - Mizuya: Nihonbashi


This relaxed dining bar offers a good selection of izakaya fare along with sake, shochu and wine in a comfortable and stylish setting. The sake list is small but well balanced, with around twenty small breweries from around the country represented. Tasting flights are priced at Y1400 for three relatively voluminous glasses, and are a good way to sample several different sake with your meal.

The food menu features soba and tempura dishes, heirloom-breed Shinshu pork from Nagano (grilled, deep-fried and stewed), good horsemeat sashimi, and sake snacks like cream cheese with iburi-gakko pickles and Kyoto home-style Obanzai-ryori. Budget around Y4000-5000 for food and drink at dinnertime. …continue reading