Savvy Tokyo Sakura Photo Contest 2018: Our Top 10 Photos


Just like last year when we first started our now annual sakura photo contest, this year we were once again deeply impressed with the great talent and creativity that we saw in all photos that were submitted for the contest. From adorable pets lost in the pink petals to blooming love in the air (and on boats), to family reunions under the cherry blossom trees…we couldn’t help but smile as we were looking through the photos.

We received nearly 350 submissions via Instagram, Facebook and e-mail. A big thank you to everyone who contributed. Every photo submitted for this contest had a creative story behind it that showed the best of Tokyo, the city many of us call home. And this was exactly what we were hoping for when we came up our 2018 contest theme: “My Sakura, My Tokyo.”

So here they are, our grand winners, from No. 10 to No. 1. The lucky No. 1 gets our prize of ¥20,000-worth of vouchers for a stay (or a dining experience) at one of our recommended hotels in Japan, plus a few extras.

And for those who didn’t win this time — stay tuned for more contests coming up very soon!!

#10: Yoyogi Park’s last spring samurai

Why we chose it? It’s the bunny ears, it’s the note on his chest that reads “Last Samurai,” it’s the nonchalance described in pretty much everyone appearing in this photo — this is what sakura is all about, enjoying it as you can and while you can. Yoyogi Park …continue reading