VR Makes Its Debut And What Else To Look For At This Year’s Short Shorts Film Festival

This June marks the 20th anniversary of the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, its humble beginnings going back as far as 1999 when it screened six short student films by George Lucas. In step with its pre-millennia ambition to bring the nuance of short films to Japan audiences, SSFF & ASIA is the first film festival in Japan to include VR in its program. So this year, at last, you can see—or rather, experience, VR 360° and VR Interactive short films. Go solo, with friends, or take the kids out to enjoy the sight, sound, and immersive experience of the future’s filmmaking technology.

About Short Shorts Film Festival

SSFF & ASIA is one of the world’s largest international short film festivals, annually screening over 250 films selected from titles submitted by 10,000 contestants and filmmakers from around the world. As a qualifier for the Academy Awards, and simply a place to admire what’s “new,” “old,” and more specifically, “short,” the festival has become a curated place to appreciate the moving image art form in the beauty of its brevity.

“We would like to make the status of ‘short film’ higher and make people recognize ‘the short film’ as being something that is full of possibility,” a spokesman from the festival’s organizing committee told Savvy in an interview.

In an effort to be an “on the edge” film festival, SSFF & ASIA blends the old with the new.

“Short film is now becoming an entertainment content which can fit into our various and unique lifestyles. The short film is also used as an effective medium of telling messages for brands and corporations. In contrast with advertisements, short film also provides cinematic movement which touches people’s hearts.”

Welcoming VR at last

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