Perfect for Summer: Ice Cold Ramen in Ginza

Perfect for Summer Ice Cold Ramen in Ginza 2

This summer in Tokyo, cool yourself down with a bowl of ice cold ramen. ​At Pour Cafe in Ginza, the soup stock is literally part ice cube!

Ice Cold Ramen

Pour Cafe does a Yamagata prefecture style ramen. It’s soy sauce-based with a strong presence of fish stock. Yamagata is known for its chilled ramen, but Pour Cafe takes it to another level with the giant ice cube.

The ramen broth is rather salty, including the ice cube, carrying an intense fishy (bonito) taste. But it’s a perfectly soothing meal for the hot summer months in Tokyo.

Tomato Ramen

If you fancy something hot, try their tomato ramen. It’s not a watery tomato broth, but a thick one. It’s closer to a tomato pasta, topped off with cheese.

Perfect for Summer Ice Cold Ramen in Ginza 4

Rustic Interior

Pour Cafe is a funky little establishment.

Perfect for Summer Ice Cold Ramen in Ginza 5

Like a half-baked Parisian cafe, it has a rustic feel, complete with Grandfather clock and artsy, framed pictures on the walls.

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