4 Tips On How To Select The Best Diet When There Are So Many Options

One of the biggest frustrations I hear when someone is telling me about their health goals is that they can’t figure out which diet to try when there are so many different options. Especially when each diet seems to conflict despite each having very strong scientific evidence. And to make matters more complicated, there’s also the advice that not all diets work for everyone and that you should find what works for you. But, how can you find what works for you when you aren’t sure where to start?

Should you go low carb, high protein? Or high fiber, low sugar? Grains or no grains? Vegan or Paleo? Ketogenic or Raw Food? Even though Veganism, Paleo, Ketogenics and the Raw Food Diet are trendy, the truth is that there are actually over a hundred dietary theories. There are diets for cleansing, diets for weight loss, diets for weight gain, diets for sports endurance, diets for diseases, ancient holistic diets, and so.much.more.

And, not only do you have to sift through all of this information, but you also have to figure out which option seems to be the most doable (and affordable!) while living in Japan. When you’re reading about health tips outside Japan that recommend ingredients like hard-to-find kale, quinoa, and bounds of expensive nuts and fruits, it can really make you feel limited in resources (and a bit heartbroken, too). So, let’s simplify the world of diets so you can determine which steps to take for your health goals, with the following four tips.

1. What does your body need to feel better right now?

Most people search for diets because they are looking to achieve a specific result, like weight loss. Instead, a better starting point is to search for the kind …continue reading