9 Onsen in Tohoku Where Men and Women Can Bathe Together

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9 Onsen in Tohoku Where Men and Women Can Bathe Together

The Tohoku region is known for its beautiful mountains, delicious rice, snowfall and hot springs. What better way to enjoy all of the above than at a ryokan (Japanese inn) that can provide access to these Tohoku treasures?

Within the onsen, or hot spring, realm is a rare and dying breed of bath — konyoku. Konyoku onsen are mixed gender baths that have been around for hundreds of years. As time went on and cultures mixed in Japan, new laws have made it harder for these ancient establishments to continue their traditions. What was considered normal in Japan was considered lewd and inappropriate. Therefore, Japan changed her ways to better fit the conservative palate of the international society. Whether you are bathing with your significant other or a group of friends, keep a part of Japan’s old culture alive by visiting one of the Tohoku region’s many konyoku onsen.

1. Aoni Onsen

青荷温泉本館を出てすぐの健六の湯。総ヒバ造りのお風呂と窓が多く開放的で明るい雰囲気が個人的にどストライク!(*゚∀゚*) とっても気持ちいいっ!夜入ったにもかかわらず、早朝さらに入湯。ラッキーなことに貸切状態だったので、のんびり入らせて頂きました。外に出ると大釜のようなお風呂と露天風呂がありました。お湯はぬるめでしたが、記念に入ってみました。看板もツボ!( ´∀`) #散策 #東北 #青森 #黒石 #青荷温泉 #ランプの宿 #健六の湯 #レトロ #ランプ #温泉 #秘境 #宿 #露天風呂 #ヒバ #旅 #行くぜ東北 #春の東北 #japan #tohoku #aomori #kuroishi #aonionsen #onsen #hotsprings #travel #vacation #ramp #retro #landscape #inn

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Longing for a magical, off the grid getaway? Aoni Onsen, also known as Lamp no Yado, is the place for you. As the name suggests, this ryokan uses oil lamps to light up the building and kerosene to keep the rooms cozy during the chilly seasons. In fact, very little electricity is used at all. The mixed outdoor bath is cozy and rejuvenating while the tranquil woods surrounding it have their own mentally clarifying properties.

  • Admission: ¥520 day pass, ryokan option available (highly recommend)
  • Access: 43 minutes by car from Kanon Railway Kuroishi station
  • Address: 1-7 …continue reading