Kyoto Nijo Castle Machiya Project – Part 6


Follow our journey as we renovate a traditional machiya townhouse in Kyoto. Once complete, the renovated machiya will be offered for sale.

Some interesting things were unearthed once the 1970s interior was torn out.

The inside of an upstairs closet had some old posters from the Osaka Mainichi Shimbun and Asahi Shimbun newspapers plastered on the walls. The dates on some of the posters are from Taisho 11 (1922). The floor below this closet is being ripped out to create an vaulted ceiling above the entrance doma below. Depending on the condition of the walls, we will try to leave some of these posters as is.

We also discovered the original mushiko-mado window intact in the same closet. This type of window is a defining feature of traditional machiya houses. The exterior had been plastered over so it is no longer visible from the street. Some of the other machiya along the laneway have had their mushiko-mado windows removed and replaced with wooden sash windows. We are looking into seeing if it can be restored.

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