Your Friend in Tokyo

When I moved to Tokyo I was all alone. I had head east to seek my fortune. No connections, no guide, no idea what I was doing. If only I’d a friend in Tokyo for much needed help.

Well my dude, this column is a small attempt to help out all the good readers looking for advice in lonely Tokyo.

It turns out people write to my editor Charlie all the time with non-job questions. He is this immigrant employment wizard and has helped thousands of wide eyed (not in a racist way) new comers find work in Japan. He’s got that fame so he also gets that fame attention, such as demands for his Line ID, book signings, and random life advice.

That’s where I come in. I’m Kip, super to meet you. Chuck and I have have been tight since small times and he knows the only thing I love more than a ‘05 burgundy with low Django lilting from the living room hifi is shooting my mouth off about what’s what.

Last week, Charlie and I were at some artisanal ice cream lounge sampling something from Malta, trying to ignore the marketing speak booming from our neighbors when he gets a work email. Some faithful reader has written him asking for advice, again. Here is the question, paraphrased anonymous like to protect the innocent:

“I love your book, bla bla bla, I’m tired of swiping for love and have started steady seeing a lovely lady. This past week she has been staying over my place and I noticed she does not brush her teeth. In the morning her mouth smells like Dansey Place in the hot sun. How can I get this otherwise good person to clean her mouth without ruining the bond?” –Cyrano

Charlie looks thoughtful, then light bulbs. That is how …continue reading