“Japanese Only” Osaka Nishinari-ku Izakaya Bar “Marufuku Honten” brags on Instagram about refusing foreign customers service for a laugh!

Source: debito.org

Here’s what you get when you allow places legally to refuse service to Non-Japanese, as Japan does. Eventually it becomes so normalized (after all, it’s been more than twenty years since Japan signed the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination, and we still have no law against racial discrimination) that people no longer even bother to feel any form of guilt or shame about it. Here’s an example where exclusionism becomes a selling point for an Osaka tachigui bar — gleefully bragging about it on Instagram with “gaikokujin okotowari” hashtags — where the proprietor even mentions how he elicited big laughs from other customers by refusing foreigners! Clearly a nice place, publicly denigrating paying NJ customers at their own expense.

Name: Marufuku Honten (Izakaya bar)
Address: 1-6-16 Taishi Nishinari-ku Osaka 557-0002
Phone: 050-5890-9648 or 06-6641-8848 …continue reading