JP Smart Wi-Fi: The Pocket Wi-Fi Helping Foreigners Connect On and Offline

Source: Gaijin Pot
JP Smart WiFi screenshot

Maps, translation tools, calls, messages, social media updates. In 2018, it goes pretty much without saying that having your own internet is essential — especially if you’re planning on being in Japan for an extended stay.

One of the trickiest aspects of getting a private Wi-Fi connection here is dealing with all the bureaucracy that comes with setting up a contract in this paperwork-loving nation. For those wanting to get connected, the majority of telecommunication contracts require proof of long-term residence, Japanese bank accounts or credit cards, and a high level of Japanese language ability to apply. Many of these things are a near impossibility for those who have only just arrived.

One company has created a solution to this issue: enter JP Smart Wi-Fi, the pocket Wi-Fi rental system designed by and for foreigners.

All you need is a debit card (it doesn’t have to be Japanese), passport and postal address anywhere in Japan. The Wi-Fi rental price is extremely competitive, starting at ¥4,980 per month for the 30GB LTE plan or ¥6,980 per month for unlimited internet wherever you go.

Why choose JP Smart Wi-Fi?

Accessible, convenient, transparent and affordable, with JP Smart Wi-Fi getting connected has gone from being an arduous paperwork-heavy process, to being easier than ordering a bowl of ramen.

But what truly makes this company such a no-brainer for both visitors and foreign residents in Japan is that the Wi-Fi rental system was created in such a way that it would be easy for non-Japanese users.

As Tung Ha, the marketing manager at JP Smart Wi-Fi explained; “It’s important because we want to take care of foreigners in Japan. Foreigners sometime feel out of their depth or even discriminated against because of the language barriers, so we want to rectify that.”

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