Fight Suicide, Mental Health Stigma By Joining TELL’s Tokyo Tower Climb 2018

Following massive success at its inaugural event last year, TELL’s Tokyo Tower Climb is back this September, and yes, you are all encouraged to jump in (i.e. climb) and help support the organization’s cause: prevent suicide and provide mental health support to Japan’s international community.

Individuals, groups, corporate and school teams will gather at Tokyo Tower on September 9 from early in the morning and climb the 600 steps up to the top of capital’s iconic landmark on foot to show their support for the organization’s work. By joining this event, you will be contributing to raising funds for TELL and for spreading awareness of the existing stigmas against mental problems.

Why is TELL organizing this event?

By organizing this event, TELL aims to mobilize the community to support their cause of preventing suicide; raise money to fund their volunteer-staffed Lifeline, and let suicidal individuals know where to reach out for help.

The event takes place on World Suicide Prevention Day. On the day of the event TELL will be joining people around the globe in taking a step to remove stigmas around mental health through various events. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that every year approximately one million people die from suicide around the world, and the number of those who have attempted it — or have thought about it — goes beyond one’s ability to measure.

Nearly 300 people joined TELL’s first Tokyo Tower Climb in September 2017.

In Japan, though declining in recent years, during fiscal 2017, a total of 21,321 people took their own lives — that is, an average of 57 people a day. TELL, which has 45-years experience providing support and English counseling services for mental healthcare and …continue reading