Top Diving Day Trips from Tokyo

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Most people do not associate Tokyo with diving, which is a shame, as there are some remarkable dive sites within 1-3 hours from the Japanese capital by train or car. The wetsuit season in Japan runs from June to September, sometimes early October, and the brave can even attempt drysuit diving year-round.
The Izu Peninsula south of Tokyo offers some of the best diving in Kanto with lots of rocky reefs, shipwrecks, macro diving and even hammerhead sharks! For more sharks, nudibranchs and other marine life, read on.
Hayakawa (早川)
A small congregation of soldierfish, butterflyfish, and can you spot the cheeky moray poking its head out?
Looking for the closest Tokyo diving spot? Then your destination is Hayakawa, two stations befor

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