A Beginner’s Guide to Climbing Mt. Fuji

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A Beginner's Guide to Climbing Mt. Fuji

If you were looking for an image to represent Japan, chances are the perfect, snow-capped cone of Mt. Fuji would be high on your list. It’s not just there to admire from a distance, however. Conquering Fuji is at the top of many people’s bucket lists and with Mountain Day just around the corner and a few weeks left in the climbing season, now is a great time to take up the challenge!

To help you along the way, here’s our beginner’s guide to tackling this most iconic of mountains.

Choose your route

Photo by Ashley Owen

Climbing up the Yoshida trail.

There are four different trails you can take to reach the summit of Fuji: Yoshida (yellow), Subashiri (red), Gotemba (green) and Fujinomiya (blue).

The Yoshida trail is by far the most popular and is equipped with the most support facilities. This makes it an excellent choice for first-time climbers. If, however, you want more of a challenge or a quieter climb then you might want to consider trying one of the other routes.

The Subashiri trail has more varied views and joins the Yoshida trail at the eighth station, so it’s another good option for beginners. More experienced hikers or those who have already crested Fuji once might want to try the steep and rocky Fujinomiya trail or the longer and least crowded Gotemba trail.

More information on the characteristics of each trail can be found on the official website for climbing Mount Fuji.

Decide when to climb

Waiting for sunrise on Mt Fuji.Photo by Ashley Owen

Waiting for sunrise on Mt Fuji.

Once you’ve chosen your route, the next thing to decide is when to set off. Fuji’s official climbing season runs from the beginning of July to the beginning of …continue reading