An Intern Abroad: A Day by the Hour

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Ok, so you’ve got the job, packed your bags and are ready to work. Well, presumably you’ve already done all the preparation before you’ve actually landed. At least I hope you did. It makes your first day much easier, because trust me, it can be a whirlwind. So let’s get to it!

6:00: Get Up

Your bed may be comfortable, or another 9 minutes of snoozing may sound good, but it’s not worth the risk of being late. Take it from someone who’s been late… twice. It’s not the most pleasant experience. But we’re not here to revisit my memories of walking up sweaty and stressed on Day 1 to two different internships.

I would suggest, especially on Day 1, to lay out your clothes and pack a lunch/lunch money the night before. Not having to figure that out in the morning makes more of a difference than you’d think.

7:00: Eat Breakfast

So, some of you may have seen the “get up at 6 am” bit and wondered why so early. Breakfast. Breakfast is why. Don’t think you’ll eat in 5 minutes while running out the door. My personal favorite thing to do was to watch some Brooklyn Nine-Nine while sipping some of that bitter cup of a happiness potion called coffee. Even just sitting for 15 minutes and reading an article or two can help you calm down before a long day. Or the long commute.

7:40: Train Time

Ok breathe. Now Google the morning rush of Tokyo, or London, or really any bit city. Now breathe again.

Done? Yeah. It’s not really the prettiest thing in the world. There have been times where it’s been so packed on the metro that I couldn’t move my arms. Sound bad yet? Well, you get used to it. No one really likes commuting, but everyone …continue reading