Hidden My Game by Mom Is The Cult Hit You Need to Play

Source: Gaijin Pot
Hidden my game by mom start screen

We’re fortunate enough to live in an age where game developers are aplenty, especially in Japan, and more games are released than we can keep up with. One that I totally bypassed is the excellently named Hidden my game by mom!, a free escape room-style puzzle game for smartphones that’s become an underground hit.

Developed by Hap Inc., a Tokyo-based one-man studio run by self-taught developer Yuusaku Ishimoto, Hidden my game by mom! was first released back in 2016. The game has since been reviewed more than 80,000 times on Google Play alone, with players loving the simple game’s ability to keep them engaged through hilariously weird scenarios —all the better for the bad English they’re relayed in.

According to an interview on tech news site The Verge, Ishimoto came up with the title after google translating the Japanese: ママにゲーム隠された. Though the name was changed for the game’s release on Nintendo Switch, fans asked him to keep the original for the smartphone version, now in its third installment.

Playing Hidden my game by mom!

With simple graphics and clever puzzles, Hidden my game by mom actually made me want to keep playing until I beat all 30 levels. What’s more is when you beat the game they randomize the unlocked levels and throw in some new ones for the fun of it.

Like any sane child, you adore your video games. Your mother, apron-clad and obviously tired of your laziness, and what one can only assume are her daily chores, takes it upon herself to hide your game — which looks a lot like a Nintendo DS (but for obvious reasons cannot be described as such) — in the most odd ways. We’re talking everything from a gymnastics team, an array of animals, the police, and even your own grandfather.

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