Savvy’s Guide To Tokyo’s Best Lesbian And Bisexual-Friendly Bars and Apps

The LGBT scene in Tokyo is well and truly thriving. However, thanks in part to the nation’s at times prudish attitude to sexuality, it remains a little more hidden than its queer contemporaries across the globe. If you’re new to town and don’t know where to begin, or you’re looking to build a community of similar folks, here’s a crash course in where to go both in real life and online.

The Neighborhood

Ni-chome, aka ‘Nicho’ for the locals, is Tokyo’s best known gay neighborhood and home to the densest population of clubs, bars, and other LGBT-centric establishments in the city. Apart from the occasional rainbow flag, during the day, the area is almost indistinguishable from many of inner Tokyo’s bar populated back streets, but as the sun sets it truly comes alive.

Here you’ll find an eclectic, friendly crowd of expats, locals, visitors, and every in-between. Though the regulars who frequent the area come from all walks of life, everyone is chasing the same three things: community, fun, and booze. It’s here where you’ll find most of the LGBT female-centric bars in Japan. Relatively easy to access from anywhere in Tokyo, Nichome is less than a 10-minute walk from the east side of Shinjuku Station, and practically on the doorstep of Shinjuku-sanchome Station.

If you’re intimated to visit Nichome alone for the first time, however, this friendly (and fully bilingual) Airbnb tour can arrange for you to be met in Shinjuku and guided around the neighborhood by two fellow ladies all night long.


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