Japan’s Hilarious ‘Crappiest Apartment of the Year’ Awards Are Back

Source: Gaijin Pot

Have you ever seen an apartment in Japan that made you think, “…huh?”

With the upcoming #クソ物件オブザイヤー, or “Crappiest Apartment of the Year” award being announced today, it could be your time to shine by sharing that design with Twitter. Kuso-Bukken, which politely translates to “Crappy Apartment,” is an awards started in 2014 to highlight the worst instances of urban real estate.

Over the past years, people have been submitting examples with the hashtag #クソ物件オブザイヤー , demonstrating that when it comes to building an apartment in Japan, necessity truly is the mother of invention — even if that means having to go through the toilet to get into the bedroom.

The Kuso Bukken award is saved for only the crappiest of Japan’s apartments, often located in Tokyo’s more crowded urban areas where “creativity” is necessary to capitalize on tight space. The hilarious official website claims that it’s “Japan’s leading award for real estate,” and, looking at the examples below, we can believe it.

Last year’s winner of the Crappiest Apartment award featured this bold apartment building design:

その後どうなったのでしょうか…#クソ物件オブザイヤー2017 pic.twitter.com/uLUIYBOLli

— ぷん太 (@55openman) November 14, 2017

Author @55openman posted these bewildering before-and-after photos; first of a normal apartment complex with a reasonable parking lot, second with a new building placed squarely in said parking lot. This new apartment complex not only takes up valuable parking space, but also blocks half the tenants’ views.

A bizarre theme that arises often in these crappy designs is bathrooms in strange places, including this toilet room as a centerpiece of the apartment:


全室トイレからアクセス可能。 pic.twitter.com/bOoh6kSNRC

— 朱里/shuri (@ebiebieshrimp) November 14, 2017

Not only is the bathroom in the middle of the apartment, it’s also the only point of access to any other room. Guess you’ll have to wait to move to the …continue reading