Contribute to Japan’s Diversity and Gender Equality Playbook at ‘Deepen the Dialogue’

Tired of the actionless discussions that play into the docile version of “feminism” in Japan? #MeToo

Enter Deepen the Dialogue (DTD), a refreshing take on gender equality in Japan focusing on leveling the playing field in the workplace. The quarterly event continues to include real diversity: Japanese and foreigners, corporate executives and new hires, and men and women.

About half of the attendees at one of the Deepen the Dialogue events, including new leader of the initiative Legion Richardson.

A playbook for success

Deepen the Dialogue’s upcoming fourth event — a night of round-table discussion and empowering speakers — will be held next Wednesday evening in Shinjuku at McDonald’s Japan. The last event was in June, where nearly 100 attendees worked together to brainstorm ideas for a diversity and gender equality “playbook” that will eventually become a downloadable resource for anyone working in Japan.

DTD4’s guest speaker will be Sarah Casanova, CEO and President of McDonald’s Japan, who will speak on some of the success she has experienced here in Japan.

The event, which is free and open to all, is currently centered around small-group discussions that help complete a workable “playbook” for any size company or worker from new hire, to mid-level management to CEO. Organizers consider the playbook their first milestone, which can act as a model for individuals and companies in Japan to address and improve workplace conditions.

In gathering Deepen the Dialogue attendee’s ideas and successes to create said model, the hope is that the playbook will eventually become a comprehensive guide to success. In the past, small groups discussed how to implement on-site childcare and remote work policies. But that’s just the beginning.

New leadership

Legion Richardson, Head of HR for McDonald’s Japan, is leading Deepen the Dialogue.

To get to this milestone, the DTD initiative is now under new leadership. …continue reading