Stuff you wish you didn’t knw about sloppy women


Today’s entertainment from goo Ranking is this survey into what truths about sloppy women people did not want to know.

When I was single, if we skip the makeup questions, I hit about 50% of these items! However, thanks to training by the spousal unit, I don’t think I have any of these habits left.

Here’s the best photo of a sloppy Japanese woman I could find:

Ranking results

Q: What did you not really want to know about what sloppy women get up to? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

Rank Votes
1 They don’t bathe every day 109
2 They skip brushing their teeth 108
3 They skip on washing their bras regularly 77
4 They go to sleep without removing their makeup 73
5 Chocolate snacks are their staple diet 70
6 They don’t wash their sheets and pillow cases 58
7= They have mountains of dirty laundry piled up in their rooms 52
7= They are always late when meeting 52
9= They don’t carry a handkerchief 48
9= The area around their desk is messy 48
9= They aren’t bothered by using dirty makeup brushes 48
12= They skip treating hairy legs, arms during winter 47
12= They don’t care that their smartphone screen is cracked 47
14 They only treat excess hair in visible areas 44
15 Dirty dishes pile up in their sink 43
16 They go to sleep without drying their hair 41
17 Rather than chopping ingredients, they just rip them 37
18= On days off they spend it all in their pyjamas 35
18= They are not bothered by wearing sweaters covered in hairballs 35
20 They kick doors open and closed 34
21= They eat food straight out of the pan 33
21= They use shampoo refill bottles as-is, not for refilling proper bottles 33
21= They aren’t bothered by their smartphone screen being covered in fingerprints 33
21= They aren’t bothered by wearing dirty trainers 33
25= Their wallets are stuffed with loyalty cards 31
25= They never wear coats or tops 31
25= They spend all day on days off lying on top of their beds 31
28 Bras are too much bother, so they wear only bra tops 30
29= Their wallets are stuffed with small changes and receipts 29
29= They leave their washing out even after it dries 29

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