Men Share Their Best And Worst Valentine’s Stories From Japan

Last year, I wrote about women sharing their best and worst White Day stories, so this year I decided that it’s only fair to ask around for the gents’ experience, as well. So I asked some guy friends if they had any memorable Valentine’s stories they wouldn’t mind sharing and it turns out they were really glad to speak up. So here they are — from sweet to all-hell-breaks-loose V-Day stories to near-death experiences and great life lessons learned along the way.

When nothing else matters

“My girlfriend isn’t very used to life in Japan and doesn’t understand how Valentine’s and White Day works here. I went to school in America for ten years, so I get it. Last year was our first Valentine’s together in Japan, so we decided to make chocolates together, just for the experience. It turned out awful. The chocolate didn’t melt, then it burnt, and the molds smelled like weird plastic. The chocolates stuck in the molds, and everything was a huge mess by the time we finished. But trying to make them together was so much fun, that this year we’re buying a kit and trying to make something new together again.” (Yuki, 22, Japanese-American)

If you really love me…

“My then-girlfriend (now wife) is a fantastic cook and great baker. She’s from the UK, and had only been living in Japan for a year or so when we met. For our first Valentine’s Day, she wanted to make me a cheesecake. She didn’t have an oven, so she tried a no-bake style one, but something must have gone wrong. When I opened the cake box, the cheesecake was sliding everywhere, …continue reading