Almost all Japanese like pork

Do you like pork? graph of japanese statistics

Let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year of the pig by a survey from @nifty looking at pigs and their meat.

In Japan the year’s animal is a wild boar rather than a pig, but as far as I am aware wild boar meat (and game in general) is not very popular at all in Japan, despite the massive pig love. In fact (although I’m not going to go back to check) I think pork is the most popular of all these “Do you like…?” questions.

Anyway, for all you bacon fans, bacon doesn’t appear explicitly on the list, in fact in my experience bacon is a rarity, although thinly-sliced fatty belly pork does feature in many dishes here.

Here’s a typical example of the pig-themed mosquito coil holder:

Research results

Q1: Do you like pork? (Sample size=2,283)

Love it 38.8%
Like it 56.2%
Dislike it 3.5%
Hate it 0.6%
Don’t eat it 1.0%

Men and women liked pork in just about equal amounts.

Q2: What pork dishes do you like? (Sample size=2,283, multiple answer)

Male Female
Tonkatsu, pork cutlets 86.3% 66.6%
Shoga yaki, fried with ginger 80.0% 71.9%
Tonjiru, pork miso soup 70.4% 67.1%
Kakuni, braised pork (usually belly) 51.3% 47.2%
Subuta, sweet and sour pork 51.5% 43.0%
Niku jaga, boiled pork and potato 48.1% 39.3%
Nikuman, Chinese steamed bun 44.6% 50.7%
Chashu, stewed pork Chinese style 44.9% 38.5%
Pork curry 45.2% 33.2%
Hoikoro, twice-cooked pork 39.2% 35.0%
Buta shabu, lightly boiled pork strips 35.8% 49.6%
Pork saute 31.9% 29.7%
Butadon, pork-topped rice 32.7% 22.8%
Pork kimchi 21.4% 22.0%
Other 1.7% 3.4%
None in particular 2.6% 3.4%

Q3: Which of the following pork brands do you know of? (Sample size=2,283, multiple answer)

Iberico pork 81.4%
Sangen pork 74.7%
Agu pork 57.2%
Kurobuta/Berkshire pork 46.0%
Kinkaton 45.2%
Yorkshire pork 33.1%
Tokyo X 27.9%
Hakkin (platinum) pork 16%
Awa pork 9%
Landrace pork 4%
Others 2%
None in particular 9%

Q4: What pork cuts do you like? (Sample size=2,283, multiple answer)

Roast 59.4%
Filet 55.1%
Belly 43.1%
Shoulder roast 39.2%
Thigh 24.6%
Shoulder 15.2%
Tontoro, fatty pork from cheek, neck or shoulder 14.1%
Liver 11.4%
Tongue 8.5%
Trotters 8.0%
Heart 7%
Tripe 6%
Ears 5%
Other 2%
None in particular 19%
Don’t eat pork 1.0%

Q5: What products with pig-based motifs do you find cute? (Sample size=2,283, multiple answer)

Male Female
Mosquito coil holder 45.8% 46.9%
Piggy bank 35.2% 39.8%
Cuddly toy 20.9% 28.6%
Room decorations (German good luck pig, etc) 8.5% 14.9%
Pillow, cushion 5.4% 4.5%
Otoshi futa, drop lid 3.5% 12.7%
Stationery (memo pad, etc) 2.3% 6.4%
Other 0.9% 0.8%
None in particular 38.5% 31.8%

The otoshi futa is a bit of …continue reading