Shin-Okubo: Exploring Tokyo’s Biggest Koreatown

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Just five minutes from tourist mecca Shinjuku, Shin-Okubo (Tokyo’s Koreatown) has a vibe unlike anywhere else in Tokyo.
Want to experience a totally different side of Tokyo’s nightlife? Look no further than Shin-Okubo. While it’s just a stone’s throw from Shinjuku’s (in)famous Kabukicho district, it might as well be a thousand miles culturally from the rest of Tokyo.
Once an affordable neighborhood, the area became popular with Korean students and laborers in the ‘80s, and has been slowly shaped to cater to Korean tastes. These days Shin-Okubo can feel more like party central than a modest residential zone.
While Japan–Korea relations are often fraught, Shin-Okubo feels like it’s currently riding high on th

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