Japan Candy Box Impression and Giveaway

Source: Supaku Blog

Japan Candy Box is a Japanese candy subscription box service that delivers candy straight from Tokyo. Every month, they ship a box with a specific theme. This box theme’s is Japan Candy Box’s 4th Birthday celebration and also based on White Day.

For this promotional review, Japan Candy Box has sent me a review box and an exclusive giveaway for Supaku Blog’s readers. Here’s my box opening and candy tasting impressions.

Opening the box…




The box is cute and nice. Also, it includes a small illustrated guide that explains each candy.

Morinaga Disney Chocolate Cookies


The Morinaga Disney Chocolate Cookies are Disney themed cookies. After tasting, I find it’s not too sweet and has balance with chocolate filling for a cookie.

Kasugai Strawberry Ramune Candy


Kasugai Strawberry Ramune Candy pieces are shaped similar to Smarties. My first thought was it’s going to taste like Smarties. After tasting it, it almost tastes like the Smarties western candy, but melts faster and less sweet.

YBC Noir Black Chocoa Cookies


At first glance, the YBC Noir Black Chocoa Cookies exactly looks like Oreo Mini Cookies. After tasting it, it does taste like Oreo cookies, but less sweet.

Calbee Vegetable Chips


The Calbee Vegetable Chip seems to be like other vegetable chips. After tasting it, it was surprisingly less salty than what I usually eat.

Bourbon Petit Rice Crackers


Bourbon Petit Rice Crackers are rice crackers. After tasting it, this is probably one the better rice crackers I’ve tried compared to other Asian rice crackers …continue reading