Things You Need to Know About Geishas

There is a certain quaint and mysterious about the geishas of Japan. They are like the glistening moon in the heavens; they contain a flicker of enigma that is never really understood by all. Their mystifying presence invokes nostalgia from the traditional era of Japan.

There had been a lot of misconceptions about geishas, especially among non-Japanese folks. Geishas are highly skilled entertainers that usually appear during formal gatherings like dinners and other high-end events. Despite the rumors and the pop culture portrayal, gesihas are not women who offer their bodies in exchange for fee. These ladies have trained for years and perfected their art of entertaining an audience.

If you are interested in actually witnessing a geisha perform, look no further! Kyoto is the place to be! Kyoto is considered to be the center of Japan’s geisha world. Young ladies between the ages 15-20 are rigorously trained for 5 years to master the art of entertaining others. They live in a house called okiya.

During the period of training, a geisha is called a maiko. On the other hand, a geiko is the fully realized geisha. Geikos usually wear elaborately designed kimono. Also, their kimonos are long-sleeved and more vibrant. Plus, they wear extravagant hairpins. While maikos wear simpler kimonos and austere accessories.

Needless to say, a night with a geisha can be a quite expensive. And even if you have the monetary requirement, you cannot just request for a geisha to keep you entertained for the evening.

Before you can actually request for a geisha, you need to be referred first by an existing client. There are travel agencies in Tokyo that can help you with the referral.

When you have successfully requested a geisha, you will be treated to a night of entertainment and company. You can converse …continue reading