Corporate Japan to launch a consortium to create new businesses

It is reported that a consortium called “InnovationTech Consortium” launches in Japan on April 15 2019. In this consortium, the member companies share and exchange information on technologies and know-hows that lead to new businesses.

Reportedly, more than 40 Japanese companies will participate in the consortium at first, which include Toyota, All Nippon Airways, Asahi Group, ITOCHU, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, and Dentsu, which are all Japanese leading companies. They expect 100 companies to join the consortium by 2020. Also, they will not prevent their competitors from joining the consortium.

In the consortium, a company shares a business model and/or technologies under consideration, and other companies having an interest in such a business model and technologies vote and evaluate them on a scale of one to three. They expects that such an activity creates an opportunity for them to collaborate.

By the way, reportedly they use an artificial intelligence (AI) based system developed by a startup company to evaluate such an evaluator’s judgement, in order to improve the evaluation of business models and technologies. Probably, this system is based on a technology described in the patent document of PCT/JP2017/004603.

Japanese companies have not been able to effectively use open innovation so far. (Please read a related article “Japan still a developing nation in open innovation“). Now they are going to try it on a scale of All-Japan.

In my view, however, it is unlikely to work so easily and effectively. My current concerns are as follows:


The consortium expects collaboration between different industries. That is a good idea. But, after all, it will be a place for only Japanese companies and only Japanese persons to exchange views about the shared business ideas. It’s about time to stop thinking about the idea of ​​All-Japan. Japanese companies …continue reading