How to use わけにはいかない ( = wake ni wa ikanai)


= Kono ressun wa owaru made neru wake ni wa ikimasen.

= Until I finish this lesson, I can’t just go to bed.


= Onegaai. Neko tawaa katte!

= Pretty pleaaaase. Buy me a cat tower.


= Sonna kawaii kao de iwaretara kawanai wake ni wa ikanai naa.

= If you ask me with that cute face, I have no choice but to buy you one.

/ How can I not buy one if you ask me with that cute face.

Hi everyone! I am your guest teacher, Malina, from São Paulo, Brazil.

I secretly volunteered to be a guest teacher to surprise my human buddy who has been studying Japanese.

OK, today’s lesson is how to use わけにはいかない ( = wakeni wa ikanai)

わけ ( = wake) means “reason” but there are many expressions with わけ ( = wake)

Maggie made a lesson on わけではない わけがない ( = wake dewa nai & wake ga nai) a long time ago.

Today I am going to teach you other usages.

How to form:

Verb* + わけにはいかない ( = wake ni wa ikanai) / (polite) わけにはいきません ( = wake ni wa ikimasen) / (more polite) わけには参りません= wake ni wa mairimasen.)

verb: plain form / negative form / progressive form / passive form / causative form + ~ておく ( = teoku) / Vてしまう( = teshimau)/ Vてもらうあげる ( = te morau / ageru) ,etc.

When to use:

Under certain circumstances/ due to some reason* you can’t afford to do ~ / you have no other choice but do ~.

*The reason can be one’s personal reason, moral, common sense, socially accepted idea, one’s sense of justice.

You usually use negative potential form …continue reading