80% of sellers/buyers not choosing home inspections

According to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) in the first half of 2018, only 18% of transactions involved home inspections.

Between April and September 2018, a total of 5,932 home inspections were carried out across Japan. A total of 12,904 inspections were forecast for the year, almost double the number seen in 2017. Still, this amounts to less than 8% of the 169,000 existing home sales on an annual basis.

A survey of real estate agencies found that buyers or sellers elected for home inspections in just 18% of brokerage agreements. For sellers, 16% elected for home inspections, while only 2% of buyers chose this option. In the cases where a home inspection was carried out, 62% ended up going through with the sale.

In April 2018, building inspection guidelines were introduced nationwide that require licensed real estate agencies to include a ‘home inspection’ clause in brokerage agreements with buyers or sellers. This clause indicates (1) whether the real estate company has an affiliated home inspection agent that they have a referral program with, and (2) if a home inspection has been carried out on the property within the past 12 months and the main details of the inspection results.

On the seller’s side, the seller has the choice of (a) carrying out a building inspection, (b) not carrying out a building inspection but allowing buyers to hire an inspector if they wish to, or (c) not carrying out a building inspection and not allowing buyers to hire an inspector either. The majority of properties we have seen on the sale market fall under (b), although we have seen several cases of (c) where the seller will not let a buyer carry out a building inspection.

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