Must-Have Apps for Your Trip to Japan

In the age of smartphones, traveling around Japan has never been easier or more convenient! From helping you read Japanese menus to navigating the Japanese train system, here are the must-have apps to make you get the most out of your trip to Japan!

Google Translate

This app is the number one Reference app on the App Store for a reason. Google Translate can translate websites, entire documents, images from your phone’s camera roll, and even spoken real-time audio for 32 different languages. When translating Japanese into your native language you can use the app to take a picture of a word you can’t read, or even try to draw a Kanji symbol, and it will process and translate it. Travel can be stressful if you are visiting a country that doesn’t speak your native language, so you can make your experience much smoother with the help of an app like Google Translate.


Download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Google Maps

Thanks to smartphones, the days of wandering around a city with your eyes glued to a map are over. With Google Maps, you can search for a destination, select a route, and it will give you both a visual and list guide on exactly how to get there. Google Maps provides real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and public transit info, and is especially helpful in navigating the complex Japanese train system.

If you’re not even sure where you’d like to go, Google Maps can help with that too. You can search for nearby places, types of restaurants, or other types of attractions, and Google Maps will search and provide you with nearby results. The vast majority of locations have photos and reviews uploaded by other users, so looking through those will help you make a …continue reading