Song of the Week 32 – “Dammit”

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“Dammit” by blink-182

This week’s song comes to us from “Home Far From Home,” the latest Personal Memoir.

I have mentioned before that punk and pop-punk have been a large part of my musical tastes for much of my life. And no band has been with me longer than blink-182.

Yes, their pieces are by no means complex works of musicianship, but that is not what I go to them for. I go to them because they always manage to speak to my inner teenage self, no matter how I am feeling.

And with this week’s song being about my first true recognition of the fact that I have moved on and “grown up,” there is no song more appropriate than “Dammit.”

Its repeated adage of “Well, I guess this is growing up,” resonates with me much more than it did before. It played a big role in my procession of the bizarre homesickness.

I hope you can enjoy this song as much as I do.

Check out the full piece right here!




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