Crushing the Second Interview

job interview in Japan

You thought the first interview was tough, but when you’re fighting for top jobs in Japan you may need to go back in for round two!

There may be several reasons why a company wants to see you again, but the reasons and the interview should be taken in a positive light. This is good news, so think of it as an opportunity to explain things that wanted to say in the first interview and be pleased that you are still in the running for the job.

On the one hand, the reasons for the prospective employer asking you to come back may be a mundane as it is policy procedure. This is because it is often the institutional norms that dictate the hiring process has a two-part interview. On the other hand, it could mean that the choices have been narrowed and those responsible for hiring need to make a final decision. The latter means that there are additional opportunities for interviewers to make enquiries with broader, and deeper questions that might be probing. Maybe there is internat debate on who to hire, and you may have some of your interviewers on side, but others may prefer a different candidate. Your task is to do everything that you can to prepare for any reason to ensure that you secure the position. That requires that you are prepared for both easy questions, and hardball questions.

There a few further steps that you’ll want to consider taking in order to properly prepare for this type of interview. There are cases where the second interview was supposed to be just a formality, a “shoe-in” but the candidate was rejected after there were issues with one of the interviewers who was a board member. This even came a surprise to the committee members who …continue reading