Dining Diary - Rocky Kanai: Shibaura

Source: bento.com

While it may look like any of hundreds of other late-night, super-cheap izakayas, Rocky Kanai serves surprisingly good food at very budget-friendly prices. Tender, fatty charcoal-grilled “black pork” served with yuzu-kosho is a specialty of the house and is a perfect drinking snack. Other menu highlights are the grilled beef tongue and the cilantro-smothered pork dumplings, and even simple starters like “Black Cucumber Tataki” are quite appetizing.

Drinks include cheap shochu cocktails, Suntory Malt’s on draft, and a handful of featured sakes of the month. The two-floor izakaya provides both table and hori-kotatsu seating, and the atmosphere here can get very lively as the night progresses. Budget around Y2000-2500 for ample food and drink. There’s also a five-hour Happy Hour drinks menu from 1-6pm if you want to start celebrating early, and of course there are numerous open-bar party plans. …continue reading