Geisha Japan Brings a New Project to Japankuru Funding! Raising Money to Help Foreigners Join in with Maiko Culture!

As the amount of people visiting Japan and Kyoto increases, the interest in different parts of Japanese cultural points also increase. With this, more people wish to participate in these events such as Ozashiki Asobi, which is a banquet or party where guests can watch Maiko and Geiko perform, play games and have interesting conversations.

One problem that faces foreigners that come to Japan is that in order to join such events, you need to have both an understanding of Japanese, and to have also had the experience of attended such an event. Many establishments have a [No First Timers] rule which potentially closes the restaurants off to many visitors from abroad.

Geisha Japan and Maiko Club are looking to change this by creating special events that allow for visitors to Kyoto to participate. At the current time they have a foreign interpreter on hand, but this will soon change as this person returns back home. Geisha Japan are therefore looking to bring in more English speaking staff to allow for foreigners to be able to participate.

The project can be found at:

Creating the Chance for Foreigners to Learn and Understand about the Traditional Maiko Culture! Creating an English Support System so Visitors can Enjoy the Special Culture!

Project Page

They are looking to raise money via crowdfunding to raise money to bring in English speakers so that they can carry on offering special events for foreigners that wish to join in and learn more …continue reading