Top 10 Must-Do Activities & Experiences in Japan

authentic japanese ninja experience

When you travel somewhere, it’s not only about where you go, but also what you experience while you’re there. If you visit Japan, be sure to make the most of your trip by doing activities and having memorable experiences that you wouldn’t be able to have anywhere else in the world! From enjoying an over-the-top spectacle at the Robot Restaurant, to taking part in a traditional tea ceremony, here are the best activities for you to experience in Japan.

1. Have an Authentic Ninja Experience

Have you ever wanted to be a ninja for a day? Authentic ninja experiences are quite popular with tourists, and they can be booked in cities all across Japan. You can experience training methods in ninja tactics, espionage, survival, climbing, and the art of throwing shuriken (ninja stars). There are many places in Japan that allow you to rent a costume and enjoy a full day of training, while learning about these iconic figures of stealth and sabotage.

Check out a list of 5 popular ninja experiences across Japan here.

Photo: Caravan Spirits

2. Take a Cooking Class

One of the reasons people come to Japan is to try Japanese cuisine. For a more interactive Japanese food experience, you should definitely consider joining a cooking class, as Japanese cooking classes have been a popular activity among foodies visiting Japan. Most cooking classes are led by Japanese teachers speaking in English.

Many major cities across Japan not only have sushi-making classes, but also offer a wide variety of dishes such as ramen, gyoza dumplings, udon noodles, traditional Japanese wagashi sweets, and more. You can pick your favorite Japanese food cooking class, learn how to make the meal, and bring the recipe back home to cook for your family and friends.

Cooking classes are not only about cooking, but they …continue reading