Tenki No Ko (Weathering with You): The Story, Themes, and Music Revealed So Far

Source: Gaijin Pot
Tenki no Ko Main Characters Hodaka and Hina

The anime follow-up to Makoto Shinkai’s record-breaking Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) is about to hit cinemas in Japan and I think I’m right in saying that the film is what you’d call—a hotly-anticipated release.

In cinemas in Japan from Friday, July 19, Tenki no Ko (Weathering With You) tells the story of a high school boy and his relationship with a girl who has the uncanny ability to control the weather.

Writer and director Shinkai has been frustratingly reserved in revealing details about the film, and other than the main premise and a few character names, not a lot is known about the movie. Along with a just-released special compilation of Shinkai’s films which includes a preview of Tenki no Ko, there are only two trailers for the film.

In a recent press conference, Shinkai was also reported to have expressed concerns that audiences may be divided by the film’s story—which only turned up the heat around the upcoming release.

So what exactly do we know about Tenki no Ko so far?

The story of Tenki no Ko

Tenki No Ko follows Hodaka, a troubled high school freshman who runs away from his home on a remote island of Japan and travels to Tokyo. Unfortunately, the big city isn’t everything he expects it to be and he quickly finds himself short on funds and struggling with urban life. Luckily, he finds work as a writer for an occult magazine that covers all things supernatural. Then, one rainy day, he meets Hina.

The hero of the film, Hina is “[a] bright and strong-willed girl [who] possesses a strange and wonderful ability: the power to stop the rain and clear the sky,” as described by GKids Inc., who have licensed the film for its English-language …continue reading