10 Places to Go Terrace Tippling in Tokyo

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

The days of summer are officially upon us. You know what that means—sipping wine on a terrace, pottering on a patio, vegging out on a veranda. Throw on some shades, grab a book or your laptop, and head to one of these Tokyo cafe/bar spots with a good dose of vitamin D.
Segafredo (Mita, Shimokitazawa, Hiroo locations)
Segafredo is well known for being one of the best coffee chains when it comes to getting a decent espresso.
At the Mita Bellju Building location, they put tables out on the plaza under the shadow of the skyscrapers around. You can get a draft beer from ¥420 or a gin and tonic and other long drinks from ¥400 a pop.

Segafredo Mita Bellju Satellite
Mita Bellju Building 1F, 5-36-7, S

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