Craft Beer Bars Japan - Ibeer Le Sun Palm: Nishi-Shinjuku


Run by the Sazaby group (Afternoon Tea, Shake Shack), Ibeer offers a line-up of ten Japanese craft beers on tap and a diverse food menu. Although it’s not the most cutting-edge selection in town there are usually at least a few beers worth a try, and you can order a four-part tasting set for more variety. They also stock a relatively large selection of bottled beers, including Belgian and German breweries like Duvel and Hofbrau Munchen, if that’s more to your taste.

The food menu covers a wide range of beer-friendly fare to go with your drinks – from pizzas and quesadillas to rice dishes and grilled meats. Party plans are available if you want to make a night of it here. The dessert menu – quite large for a beer bar – features numerous French toast variations, lots of cake, and a variety of fruit-flavored soda and ice cream concoctions.

Most draft beers are priced at Y530 for 240ml half-pints and Y930 for 470ml pints, with a four-beer tasting set for Y1100. Budget around Y2500 for drinks and snacks in the evening, and Y1000 at lunchtime. …continue reading