The Importance of Referrals in Japan

While not all jobs will require a reference or referee, it is a good idea to prepare and act as though all recruiting employers will.

Part of the process is asking for help from people who are in positions to act as a reference, and that means you are asking someone who was your boss, teacher, or some other authority. Therefore, preparation is always important (and helpful) in order to have those key individuals ready to do what is necessary for you – when you need them to do so. That generally requires two things immediately being cleared up, making sure that those you ask are informed that you are starting the process of looking for a job, and to confirm that they are willing to help. Starting early ensures that you give your references ample time to prepare to help you and gives you time to look for alternatives if your first choices don’t work out. Whether a phone call, e-mail or an actual letter, with any reference it is a lot better to ask well in advance rather than at the last minute. No one appreciates a rush, or surprises, and considering that you chose them because you feel that they would make great references means they are likely really busy.

As soon as you decide you might be applying for jobs, create a list of between three and five people who you can contact to let them know would like to designate them as your referee. Politely inform them that you are likely to be applying for new positions and that you would like their permission to have them down as referees and may require a reference letter. You may want to take a bit of time to go see who you would like to ask, so that when …continue reading