People are flocking to London, and getting all Hyper about Japan.
Well that’s what it seamed like on Saturday 13th July at Kensington’s
Crazy long queues were seen around the sides of the grand exhibition
hall, but it was the fashion trends from, or inspired by Japan that
interested us here at JSTREETSTYLE. More specifically the sense of
individuality that we love so much here, and is in such short supply
these days and intact, over the last few years.
We normally brig to you a frequent fix of Japanese Street Style,
but its is so rare to see these days within London. First of all,
where are all the cool Japanese.
Lots of young Chinese wearing high end western fashion brands,
specifically so much Gucci. But Japanese?
With we westerners, at an event like this, you’ll easily spot cosplay
as supreme ruler in style, possibly followed by Gothic and Sweet Lolita,
possibly some Fairy Kei, with a sprinkling or dusting of Decora,
but not much else in terms of the numerous style tribes Japan’s streets
has to offer up to the world. So with that in mind, here is the offering of
street style we were able to serve up for you, for this sunny summer
weekend. Worth getting all hyper about? Well, you decide.
This is the amazing make up artist and model Frankie Storm,
wearing a cool punk goth fetish look, with Stack Soul Stomper
platform boots by Demonia, and a corset from Sai Sai in Camden
with shorts, a croptop from Bio Hazard, a cardigan and a choker.
We think Frankie looks awesome.
Kirsty from Sheffield. She wears a Sweet Lolita dress by …continue reading