50 Best Beauty Salons in Tokyo

Women do it all.

Wake up an extra hour earlier to prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dress the kids and make sure they’ve brushed their teeth before racing off to meet their friends at school. Manage multiple projects at a full-time job. Schedule time to catch up with dear friends and loved ones. Squeeze in a sweat session.

And women do it all while looking fabulous.

But busy lives crammed with demanding schedules makes it quite difficult to stay looking and feeling powder fresh on a daily basis, so that’s where beauty salons are a savior. Whether it’s a just a regular manicure, a blow-out for a hot date, or treating yourself to a well-deserved facial, here are our top 50 picks ranging for beauty salons in Tokyo.

For prices, we’ve used the key below based on the average cost of the main treatments available.

Budget-friendly (below ¥5,000) = ¥
Mid-range (¥5,000 – ¥15,000) = ¥¥
Luxury (¥15,000) = ¥¥¥

Mind and Body

1. Enoshima Island Spa

Enospa - 50 Beauty Salons

Nicknamed “Enospa”, this natural spa resort is a favorite weekend getaway with Tokyoites in need of a total mind and body rejuvenation—all with a stunning view of the iconic Mt. Fuji in the distance. Located just across the water from Enoshima Island, a picturesque seaside resort in neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture, Enospa boasts heated indoor and outdoor pools, as well as a natural hot spring floor where you can sink into the healing warmth of mineral-rich onsen from 1500 meters below the ocean surface. Enospa also offers world-class body and facial treatments at their Beng Teng Spa, where skilled staff use original skincare products for a healing experience. Expect to be treated like a queen with immersive pampering designed …continue reading