Tweet of the Week #42: Pokémon Recruitment Ads Will Make You Smile

Source: Gaijin Pot
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The first Pokémon Center opened in Osaka in 1998 and today Japan counts 11 official retail spaces for Poké-maniacs to catch ’em all. With Pikachu as their adorable leader, those poké-wonderlands are just perfect to satisfy the p-otaku in you (wahey!)

Merchandising-wise, Nintendo is making big money from Pokémon Centers. These official stores are like a sanctuary for fans to adopt plushies and purchase figures, drawings, clothes, snacks, jewelry, and other great goodies. There’s even an online store for fans in the U.S.

And they’re now hiring!

Get your resumes ready because Pokémon Centers across the nation are looking for new staff!



— akazunoma (@akazunoma) July 29, 2019


= The hiring ads for Pokémon centers at Shibuya station are great. There are lots of them near the metro Exit 1 so go check them out!


— 芽唯👒🌻声優志望 (@nikonikomei) July 29, 2019


= As I was looking at all the ads to hire staff for the Pokemon centers the last one with Magikarp made me laugh.

With over 1.1 million passengers daily, Shibuya station is THE perfect spot for companies to show their hiring ads. All they need (aside from paying an expensive advertising fee) is to come up with a creative ad campaign to generate social media buzz.

So what did Nintendo choose? Pokémon puns.

Each poster’s tagline is basically a word-play on a Pokémon’s characteristics. The purpose? Appealing to そんなキミに, “someone like you.”

Some of our favorites are:

Cubone (カラカラ, Karakara)

Cubone Pokemon

骨(ほね)のある仕事(しごと)ください = I want a job with backbone

Slowpoke (ヤドン, Yadon)

Slowpoke Pokemon

たまには肩(かた)の力(ちから)を抜(ぬ)かなきゃ = Sometimes, you need to take it easy

Snorlax (カビゴン, Kabigon)

<img src="" alt="Snorlax Pokemon" width="250" …continue reading