The Five Best Places to View Mount Fuji

lake yamanakako sunrise mt fuji view spot

Ever dreamed of seeing Japan’s symbolic Mount Fuji up close? These 5 places are famous for having the best viewpoints of the incredible Mount Fuji.

1. Lake Yamanakako (山中湖)

Lake Yamanakako (山中湖) is the largest of the five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji. It also has the highest elevation of the Five Lakes, as well as the closest location to the famous peak. Therefore the view of Mount Fuji straight ahead is clear, uninterrupted, and simply outstanding.

The probability of seeing Mt. Fuji throughout the year is said to be higher here than anywhere else. Autumn and winter are especially clear, as the air is often free of clouds. In the winter, as well as in the summer, visitors can witness the famous “Red Fuji”, when the sunlight paints the entire peak in red and pink tints.

“Diamond Fuji” can also be seen in the evenings from November-February. This phenomenon occurs when the sun seems to sit directly above the summit of Mount Fuji, looking like a sparkling diamond atop the mountain. It happens most often during the winter solstice when the days are shorter.

There are good views of Mount Fuji from all around the lake, especially on its northern shore, and from Panorama Dai, an observation point located in the southeast.

2. Lake Kawaguchiko (河口湖)

Lake Kawaguchiko (河口湖) is another of the Fuji Five Lakes. It is easily accessible by train and direct bus connections from Tokyo. The most popular views of Mount Fuji are located around the lake’s eastern end, as the northern and western shores are mostly undeveloped. The easy accessibility of the lake via public transportation compared to the other five lakes makes it a popular tourist destination.

The lake offers incredible views of both the spacious landscape and the beautiful ridge line of Mount Fuji. The sun rises from the left side in …continue reading