A Mother-Daughter Getaway to the Mountains of Nagano

Sea of clouds Sora Terrace Kita Shiga Kogen Nagano

Kita Shiga Kogen is a little less than two hours from Tokyo on the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) via Iiyama station, making it an easy destination to access if you’ve got kids in tow.

Mother-Daughter Nagano Trip T Hotel Ryuoo

My daughter excited to be on the bullet train!

I just had one with me—my 3-year-old daughter—after we were invited by our hosts T Hotel Ryuoo for our first-ever mother-daughter trip in early July.

About to enter the beautiful T Hotel.

T Hotel is a convenient and comfortable base that let us take part in outdoorsy fun and a variety of activities in the surrounding area. After a brand new renovation this past winter, 30 of its 70 rooms are gorgeous suites, and the restaurants and facilities on the property are all stunningly brand new, making for a wonderful place to rest after all of our adventures.

And I mean adventures. Over two days we got to experience so much! We did blueberry picking, soba-making, fishing, taking the ropeway to the summit of Mt. Ryuoo, guided trekking in the forest, relaxing in an onsen (hot spring) bath, and even checking out a unique doll museum!

While many of the surrounding hotels are closed during the summer and fall, T Hotel welcomes guests from all over the world year-round. For me, one of Japan’s best-kept secrets is the awesome nature you can experience during the off-season at ski resorts. For T Hotel, that goes from about late May to late November.

In other words, right now!

Summer blueberry picking

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