6 Tips For Staying Fit With A Baby in Japan

6 Tips for Staying Fit with a Baby

1. Strengthen Your Abs Anywhere

Staying Active With Mum

The days of a lengthy home workout may be over, but don’t let that stop you squeezing in a few exercises when you get the chance. While your baby is playing on her activity mat or in her bouncy chair, you can blast out a few core exercises—better yet, let your baby join in on the fun! One exercise you can do almost anywhere (I’m talking even on the trains) is the “stomach vacuum“. An exercise that targets your internal abdominal muscles, specifically the transverse abdominus, this exercise is simple but powerful and helps to cinch you back to your pre-baby waist.

2. Power Walk It Out

Power Walking - 6 Tips for Staying Fit with a Baby

Skip the trains and pull out the stroller. The long feeding sessions can take their toll on a new mom, so get out and about during nap time. To lull your little one off to sleep, put him or her in the stroller and begin your cardio by power walking around town. Not only will you work up a sweat, but you can use this time to explore all the hidden back streets of your local town, or visit baby-friendly cafes with the rest of your mom friends.

3. Prep Your Snacks

Prep Your Snacks - 6 Tips for Staying Fit in Japan with a Baby

When it comes to snacking, planning and organization are key. On the weekends when your partner is on hand …continue reading