Pet or Threat: Wildlife in Your Japanese Home

Source: Japan Cheapo

Tokyo lies in a subtropical climate zone, home to some surprising biodiversity—welcome or not. Whether you’re living in Japan or just visiting, here’s a list of 10 critters commonly found in Japanese homes and how to react to them. While many are completely harmless, some of these Japanese bugs are pests or poisonous. So let’s take a look at who is your pet and who’s a threat.
1. Schlegel’s Japanese gecko (Gekko japonicus)
Japanese name: Yamori
Verdict: Pet
Found inside homes, sticking to the walls on your balcony or veranda, the Japanese gecko is a common sight from Kyushu to Honshu. Keep them around! The small, harmless reptiles are insectivores that will rid you of at least some of the mosquitoes and flies around your house.

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