Top 10 Japan Tips That No One Talks About

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, it’s important to be prepared! It’s easy to find information on what to pack, or which sight-seeing spots to visit, but what about where to get wi-fi, or how to contact police if there’s an emergency? Here are 10 Japan tips that no one really talks about.

1. Wi-Fi

Wifi is essential for travel these days, and luckily it is available in many cafes, stations, airports, and even on the Shinkansen bullet train. To help foreign tourists find free Wifi hotspots wherever they go in Japan, the Japanese government created Japan Free Wi-fi, a free app that’s able to find and label over 500,000 free Wifi locations across Japan. App users can find Wi-fi hotspots by searching in a city or major location, or even use your phone’s GPS location services to find a hotspot close to you. You can download it for free here.

Photo: JW Web Magazine

If you’re traveling around and don’t want to have to worry about finding a hotspot where you are, you can also rent Pocket Wifi. You can either rent them at the airport or even order them online before you come to Japan. The mobile devices can be carried in your pocket wherever you go, and then you simply return them before you head back home!

Photo: eConnect Japan

2. Cash & Tipping

Japan is still very much a cash-based society. Most people pay for everything with cash, and few places accept credit cards, especially when you get outside of the bigger cities. There are money conversion stations and machines in most major airports, as well as ATMs in many convenience stores that will allow you to withdraw money from an international credit card. Often, these ATMs have an English setting as well. However, it is always …continue reading