Ueno Joshi-Bringing Japan to America Update 1


  1. Introduction to the Festivals
  2. The Theme of the Festivals
  3. What will be presented at the Festivals
  4. Locations of the Festivals
  5. Support
  1. Introduction to the Festivals

Hello all!!

This is Haru from Ueno Joshi!

I’ll be visiting Boston, MA in America from September 11th to September 22nd and I’ll be holding 3 different Japanese Festivals during this time!

During this time I will also be promoting the crowdfunding project!

The events are planned to take part on the 14th 17th and 21st!

I want to let you know about these festival events here!

The Theme of the Festivals

The main idea and theme behind these events or festivals is really simple!

We want to make them “Instagrammable”!

While there are many events and festivals that are featured in both America and Japan, I feel that a lot of the time that they are satisfying.

I have an example from my study abroad:

While I was studying in America, I was able to experience a festival run by Japanese people. However the content of the festival was pretty standard. American participants were able to try draw kanji in a traditional style. The most common thing I would see is seeing American participants being able to write their name in Kanji. But after experiencing that, there wouldn’t be any real follow up. Everytime after seeing this, I always had the feeling that I didn’t think this is exactly something that will leave a lasting memory for them.

So I came up the idea to make this festival exciting and interesting,

Something that you would want to upload to SNS!

That is to …continue reading