Arigator Ramen: Top Warsaw Ramen Shop


Among Warsaw ramen shops, Arigator Ramen Shop chomps like a ferocious reptile. With exciting, modern ramen and a fun alligator theme, they’re an essential visit in Warsaw.

Sleek Interior

Seasoning, Broth Base

Sourcing is critical when creating ramen outside of Japan. Arigator takes no shortcuts. Their chicken bone broth includes vegetables like onions, ginger, garlic, apples, and even the coveted konbu (kelp).

Behind the Scenes

Their pork bone broth includes the same vegetables, alongside pork bones and seabura (pork back fat). Furthermore, they use ingredients like katsuo bushi, saba bushi, dried scallops, and niboshi. Again, they’re not skimping on anything. On to the ramen!

Shio Ramen with Mussels, Roasted Tomato

Their shio ramen is mild and refreshing. The seasoning is 4 types of salt and white shoyu.

It looks stunning. The biggest highlight is a large roasted tomato, which packs an umami punch against the light broth.

Shoyu Ramen with Duck Slices

The shoyu ramen naturally has a bolder flavor. The standout here may be the roasted duck slices – there’s a generous row of them.

Arigator Ramen Warsaw - Shoyu

The fattiness from the duck add a pleasant overall richness to the broth.

​​Cappuccino Tonkotsu Ramen

This might be my favorite – something you won’t find in Japan. As the unique name suggests, the broth’s top layer is frothy. This and the creamy pork bone broth make for a carbonara-like experience.

Arigator Ramen Warsaw - Tonkotsu

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