Money-related apps most crash-prone

Iphone Dead End

A new to me survey company, SmartBeat, recently conducted a survey into smartphone app crashes in the first half of 2019.

I don’t have any regular crashes, and hardly even irregular crashes on my Android phone, so I find it very surprising that nearly half the sample reports weekly crashes, and on top of that certain genres of apps crash daily! Do any of my readers have such troubles?

Here’s an iPhone that has crashed into the pavement…

Research results

Q1: Do you experience app crashes once a week or more? (Sample size=720)

This survey, 2019 H1 (to SQs) 45.4%
2018 H2 32.7%
2018 H1 42.9%

Q1SQ1: Which genres of apps do you experience almost daily crashes?

QR code payment app 42.4%
Financial app 34.2%
Leisure, sports training app 30.0%
Lifestyle (physical shop) app 26.1%
Online shopping app 18.1%
Tool (camera, calculator, calendar, etc) app 13.1%
News, weather, magazine app 10.9%
Entertainment (video, music, books, etc) app 10.0%
Game app 9.9%
Messaging, email, SNS app 7.3%

Q1SQ2: For the following genres of apps, if you experience a crash do you never use the app again?

Financial app 13.7%
Leisure, sports training app 12.5%
News, weather, magazine app 10.0%
Lifestyle (physical shop) app 9.4%
Game app 8.1%
QR code payment app 7.8%
Entertainment (video, music, books, etc) app 6.9%
Online shopping app 5.9%
Tool (camera, calculator, calendar, etc) app 4.2%
Messaging, email, SNS app 2.7%


Between the 27th of June and the 4th of July 2019 720 members of their monitor group agreed between 10 and 69 years old completed a private internet-based survey. The results were then weighted according to national age and sex statistics.

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