How Much Does an English Teacher Make in Japan in 2019?

Source: Gaijin Pot
How Much Can an English Teacher Earn in Japan

Most full-time English-language teachers in Japan are earning about ¥270,000 before tax each month, which is roughly US$2,515. There are a number of teaching streams within the industry, some of which offer better pay and benefits than others.

In this article, we tell you the average pay levels for each of those, and the relative pros and cons of each field.

Hiring Organization Average monthly earnings pre-tax
JET Programme ¥280,000 (first year) to ¥330,000 (fourth and fifth years)
Dispatch Companies ¥210,000 – ¥250,000 (or more)
Direct Hire ¥280,000
Eikaiwa ¥250,000 (varies significantly by school)
Business English Schools ¥3,800 an hour (¥270,000 if full time)
Universities ¥270,000 for short-term, indirect hires, and around ¥523,800 a month as faculty staff

Let’s start from the top of the table with JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme).

JET offers high potential earnings, great support, and other benefits

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme mainly hires foreigners to teach at public schools (elementary, junior or high school) as assistant language teachers, or ALT. (That term was created by the Japanese education department to describe native-level English speakers who work in classrooms together with Japanese teaching staff.)

ALTs on JET have their flights to/from Japan covered, receive a ton of support before, during and after the program through orientations, conferences and training, and a global alumni network.

But it’s a competitive application process

You can only apply to the JET Programme if you are living overseas and have not already completed a stint on the program. Participation is limited to five years. Generally, the JET Programme is considered as one of the most rigorous and competitive application processes for teaching English in Japan. According to the JET website, the organization receives around 5,000 applications—only 1,000 are accepted. The process takes several months and involves an interview at your embassy.

An ALT salary on the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme) rises with each year

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