Fuji-san & Early Mornings – What climbing a mountain made me realize about a morning routine

Routine is what gives you control over your life, and a proper routine starts in the morning. But finding a time or opportunity to start that routine can be as difficult as sticking to it.

Climbing Mt. Fuji to watch the sunrise forces you to follow a plan. And if you can climb the tallest mountain in Japan, starting a simple morning routine shouldn’t be too hard.


“Earn the sunrise.”

first heard this line while listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast, as
Joe talked about Jocko Willink. For the unaware, Willink is an
ex-Navy SEAL with a strictly regimented daily schedule that runs from
from the early morning to late evening. He
begins every single day at 4:30 to work out and “earn the sunrise.”

Naturally, to see one man impose discipline upon everything in his life prompts well-due introspection. One year has passed since my arrival in Japan, and while many things have changed, many things appear to have stayed the same.

Ambition without direction is a ship without a captain, and this last year has seen a captain who has been inconsistent in his command.

In light of the arrival’s anniversary, I found it high time to helm my ship and guide it into port. This thought was foremost in my mind as I climbed Mt. Fuji last week to earn the sunrise on July 23rd.

My 23rd birthday.

Yoshida 5th Station Trailhead, the start of the journey

A monumental mountain for a momentous occasion

This was a special birthday for me in a few ways. It marked my first birthday in Japan, and exactly one year since I launched this blog. And turning 23 on the 23rd made the day special in that once-in-a-lifetime sort of way.

In short, it felt momentous, and I meant to capitalize on this occasion.

Fuji sat alone as the final endeavor on …continue reading